Flight Report

Flight Date
26 Jan 2024 17:01 UTC
Review Status
Flight Number
Departure ICAO
Arrival ICAO
Alternate ICAO
PMDG 737-800 AeroMexico (XA-AMG | 2019)
Fuel Used
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Flight Duration
Flight XP
Performance Score
Landing Rate
Flight Type
ACARS flight.

Skill Analysis (64%)

Stall Detected
Crash Detected
Landing Lights Below 10k
Landing Lights Above 10k
Overspeed / Stress Detected
Taxi Overspeed
Overspeed below 10k
Beacon Off Engine On
Slew Detected
Pause Detected

Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -264fpm)

Take-off G-Force
Rotate Speed
Rotate Pitch
Rotate Bank
Gear-up Speed
Gear-up Altitude
Take-Off Winds
TAT Departure/Arrival
Touch-down G-Force
Touch-down Speed
Touch-down Pitch
Touch-down Bank
Gear-down Speed
Gear-down Altitude
Landing Winds
Touch-Down Spoilers Deployed

Flight Log

[16:08:48utc] You have successfully logged in Antonio Ballester.
[16:08:52utc] Your flight to LEMG has now been started.
[16:08:52utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[16:12:54utc] FLAPS 1
[16:13:08utc] FLAPS 2
[16:13:11utc] FLAPS 3
[16:13:18utc] Landing lights ON
[16:13:45utc] Starting engine(s)
[16:15:33utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[16:19:56utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 000/3kt
[16:20:15utc] Departing LEJR, IAS 154kt, G-force 1.16g, pitch -9.72deg, bank 2.26deg, VS 69fpm, HDG 203deg
[16:20:19utc] Gear UP, IAS 165kt, GS 169kt, ALT 200ft
[16:20:33utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 166kt, GS 165kt, VS 5360fpm, ALT 1250ft, PITCH -22.17deg, HDG 201deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 043/3kt
[16:21:00utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 200kt
[16:21:04utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 205kt
[16:21:12utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 221kt
[16:28:22utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 24700ft, IAS 244kt, GS 356kt, HDG 117deg, VS -525fpm, TAT -10deg, WIND 207/15kt
[16:28:32utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 249kt, GS 362kt, VS 703fpm, ALT 24840ft, PITCH -3.56deg, HDG 117deg, TAT -10deg, WIND 206/16kt
[16:29:43utc] Aircraft at 25770ft, IAS 281kt, GS 412kt, HDG 116deg, TAT -7deg, WIND 210/16kt
[16:30:43utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 25740ft, IAS 300kt, GS 437kt, HDG 116deg, VS -303fpm, TAT -4deg, WIND 211/15kt
[16:38:45utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 228kt, ALT 16810ft
[16:42:37utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 209kt, ALT 11200ft
[16:47:42utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 179kt
[16:47:50utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 178kt
[16:47:54utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 177kt
[16:49:34utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 180kt, ALT 4320ft
[16:50:10utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 181kt, ALT 3410ft
[16:51:47utc] On approach, IAS 186, VS -1043fpm, ALT 1500ft, pitch -0.84deg, HDG 313deg
[16:51:59utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 185kt, GS 192kt, ALT 1290ft
[16:52:06utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 182kt
[16:52:09utc] FLAPS 5, IAS 180kt
[16:52:12utc] FLAPS 6, IAS 178kt
[16:53:10utc] Gear UP, IAS 162kt, GS 167kt, ALT 240ft
[16:53:25utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 151kt, GS 152kt, VS 4043fpm, ALT 1110ft, PITCH -18.75deg, HDG 312deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 087/4kt
[16:53:44utc] FLAPS 5, IAS 156kt
[16:53:46utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 162kt
[16:53:50utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 171kt
[16:53:54utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 181kt
[16:53:58utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 190kt
[16:54:06utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 203kt
[16:55:49utc] Aircraft at 7100ft, IAS 247kt, GS 284kt, HDG 021deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 153/8kt
[16:55:58utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 250kt, GS 286kt, VS 93fpm, ALT 7120ft, PITCH -2.95deg, HDG 037deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 152/8kt
[16:56:10utc] Aircraft at 7120ft, IAS 251kt, GS 284kt, HDG 058deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 156/8kt
[16:56:49utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7110ft, IAS 272kt, GS 299kt, HDG 110deg, VS -134fpm, TAT 26deg, WIND 153/8kt
[16:57:03utc] Aircraft at 7120ft, IAS 270kt, GS 295kt, HDG 127deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 152/9kt
[16:58:17utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 268kt, GS 294kt, VS 53fpm, ALT 7110ft, PITCH -2.2deg, HDG 130deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 142/9kt
[16:58:25utc] Aircraft at 7110ft, IAS 269kt, GS 294kt, HDG 130deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 140/9kt
[16:59:44utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 6990ft, IAS 257kt, GS 278kt, HDG 130deg, VS -754fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 140/9kt
[17:02:53utc] Aircraft at 4050ft, IAS 250kt, GS 255kt, HDG 131deg, TAT 28deg, WIND 109/15kt
[17:03:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 249kt, GS 260kt, VS 56fpm, ALT 4050ft, PITCH -3.19deg, HDG 173deg, TAT 28deg, WIND 110/15kt
[17:03:24utc] Aircraft at 4060ft, IAS 249kt, GS 266kt, HDG 192deg, TAT 28deg, WIND 108/15kt
[17:04:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 284kt, VS 103fpm, ALT 4050ft, PITCH -2.95deg, HDG 275deg, TAT 28deg, WIND 109/15kt
[17:04:24utc] Aircraft at 4050ft, IAS 251kt, GS 284kt, HDG 285deg, TAT 28deg, WIND 110/15kt
[17:04:44utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3940ft, IAS 253kt, GS 286kt, HDG 289deg, VS -1043fpm, TAT 28deg, WIND 111/15kt
[17:04:58utc] Aircraft at 3910ft, IAS 242kt, GS 276kt, HDG 289deg, TAT 27deg, WIND 110/16kt
[17:05:08utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3890ft, IAS 234kt, GS 266kt, HDG 294deg, VS -169fpm, TAT 26deg, WIND 111/16kt
[17:05:24utc] Aircraft at 3870ft, IAS 221kt, GS 253kt, HDG 313deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 110/17kt
[17:05:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3850ft, IAS 211kt, GS 241kt, HDG 315deg, VS -99fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 110/16kt
[17:05:49utc] Aircraft at 3840ft, IAS 209kt, GS 239kt, HDG 314deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 109/16kt
[17:06:26utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3720ft, IAS 209kt, GS 239kt, HDG 313deg, VS -1136fpm, TAT 25deg, WIND 107/16kt
[17:08:28utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 221kt, GS 235kt, ALT 1750ft
[17:08:34utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 220kt
[17:08:41utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 216kt
[17:08:46utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 214kt
[17:08:50utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 212kt
[17:09:00utc] FLAPS 5, IAS 206kt
[17:09:14utc] FLAPS 6, IAS 195kt
[17:09:17utc] FLAPS 7, IAS 192kt
[17:09:49utc] Gear UP, IAS 164kt, GS 169kt, ALT 400ft
[17:09:55utc] FLAPS 6, IAS 164kt
[17:09:59utc] FLAPS 5, IAS 165kt
[17:10:00utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 165kt, GS 167kt, VS 3422fpm, ALT 900ft, PITCH -15.77deg, HDG 313deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 111/3kt
[17:10:01utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 164kt
[17:10:05utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 169kt
[17:10:09utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 178kt
[17:10:13utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 189kt
[17:10:21utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 206kt
[17:12:35utc] Aircraft at 7080ft, IAS 251kt, GS 284kt, HDG 253deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 149/8kt
[17:13:13utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 278kt, VS 63fpm, ALT 7110ft, PITCH -3.3deg, HDG 185deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 140/7kt
[17:13:31utc] Aircraft at 7110ft, IAS 267kt, GS 292kt, HDG 163deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 140/8kt
[17:13:49utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7110ft, IAS 270kt, GS 295kt, HDG 160deg, VS -56fpm, TAT 26deg, WIND 142/8kt
[17:14:15utc] Aircraft at 7080ft, IAS 264kt, GS 290kt, HDG 160deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 140/7kt
[17:14:38utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 262kt, GS 288kt, VS 166fpm, ALT 7100ft, PITCH -2.96deg, HDG 119deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 143/8kt
[17:14:49utc] Aircraft at 7120ft, IAS 266kt, GS 292kt, HDG 108deg, TAT 25deg, WIND 140/8kt
[17:15:02utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7110ft, IAS 269kt, GS 295kt, HDG 108deg, VS -69fpm, TAT 26deg, WIND 139/8kt
[17:15:11utc] Aircraft at 7100ft, IAS 267kt, GS 294kt, HDG 109deg, TAT 26deg, WIND 141/8kt
[17:16:39utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 239kt, GS 260kt, VS 53fpm, ALT 7100ft, PITCH -3.26deg, HDG 111deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 134/8kt
[17:16:55utc] Aircraft at 7110ft, IAS 240kt, GS 262kt, HDG 111deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 133/8kt
[17:18:02utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 229kt, GS 249kt, VS 51fpm, ALT 7100ft, PITCH -3.6deg, HDG 111deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 131/9kt
[17:18:10utc] Aircraft at 7100ft, IAS 229kt, GS 249kt, HDG 111deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 132/8kt
[17:20:22utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 218kt, GS 237kt, VS 69fpm, ALT 7100ft, PITCH -4deg, HDG 131deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 126/9kt
[17:20:31utc] Aircraft at 7100ft, IAS 218kt, GS 237kt, HDG 132deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 126/9kt
[17:21:40utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 218kt, GS 239kt, VS 67fpm, ALT 7100ft, PITCH -4.26deg, HDG 174deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 122/9kt
[17:21:49utc] Aircraft at 7100ft, IAS 215kt, GS 239kt, HDG 191deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 119/8kt
[17:24:05utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7020ft, IAS 214kt, GS 245kt, HDG 006deg, VS -888fpm, TAT 21deg, WIND 124/9kt
[17:25:44utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 217kt, ALT 5440ft
[17:25:53utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 223kt, GS 255kt, ALT 5060ft
[17:25:53utc] Gear UP, IAS 223kt, GS 255kt, ALT 5050ft
[17:25:57utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 224kt
[17:26:01utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 224kt, GS 255kt, ALT 4760ft
[17:26:05utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 222kt
[17:26:09utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 220kt
[17:27:40utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 178kt
[17:27:44utc] FLAPS 5, IAS 177kt
[17:27:53utc] FLAPS 6, IAS 173kt
[17:27:57utc] FLAPS 7, IAS 173kt
[17:28:15utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 161kt, ALT 1520ft
[17:28:22utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 156kt
[17:30:12utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[17:30:12utc] Landed with a landing rate of -264fpm, touchdown speed 122kt, G-force 1.26g, pitch -4.38deg, bank 0.85deg
[17:30:34utc] FLAPS 7
[17:30:37utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[17:30:39utc] FLAPS 6
[17:30:43utc] FLAPS 5
[17:30:46utc] FLAPS 4
[17:30:49utc] FLAPS 3
[17:30:53utc] FLAPS 2
[17:30:57utc] FLAPS 1
[17:31:05utc] FLAPS UP
[17:31:37utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[17:32:09utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[17:32:09utc] Aircraft parked
[17:32:17utc] Landing lights OFF